About Max Power America

The goal of Max Power America is to provide support for Max Power's complete line of products in North and South America. We also look forward to working closely with Massimo on understanding the American market and developing emerging products. We are a race company with our first priority being racing.

I myself have ten years of racing experience in both nitro and electric.I also worked as Ralph Burch's mechanic and pit man at the 2010 World Championship in Houston where we secured Max Power's first World Championship. I also hold a few national titles myself, mostly in electric, but there is one in nitro too. Since I have been a part of Xray USA/RCamerica from the beginning, I have accrued many years of race support experience.

The product that Massimo produces is far and above the competition. Each engine is a "hands-on" creation by Massimo. His many years of experience on and off the track are invested in each engine. He is a master of his craft.

I am overjoyed to start this relationship with my friend Max and am looking forward to many exciting things to come.